Connor Green | Willey Wanderers Cricket Club

Connor Green

Name: Connor Green

Nicknames: Cee Lo, Peachy, Seal

D.O.B.: 20/10/1992

Willey CC Member since: 2011

Preferred Trait: Bowler (can wave a bat at a ball occasionally)

Bats: Anywhere

Favourite Shot: Cover Drive

Bowls (Arm & Technique): Right arm seam

Specialist Fielding Position: Anywhere. I’m a gun fielder.

Best Batting Figures: 50-odd on a Sunday

Best Bowling Figures: 6-30

Previous Clubs: Bridgnorth CC, Wrekin College CC.

Club Awards: 2nd XI Bowling Performance, 2nd XI Bowling Average.

Describe yourself in a sentence: Lots of full tosses and generally bang average with the rare jaffa!

Favourite Opposition: Alderberry (Tim got bowled by a girl.)

Favourite Away Ground: Montgomery

Worst Cricketing Moment: Breaking a little finger in the T20 and having to bowl. Still took two wickets.

Most Memorable Match: Tonking Minor around in the rain and scoring 48

Song to be played while walking out to bat: Cee Lo Green – Forget You (House Remix)